Management Advisory Services


The professionals at LG&H can help you make better management decisions. We can help provide you with the information and analysis that you need to make the right decision. Here are some of the questions we have helped businesses answer:

  • Should the Company lease or buy a certain piece of equipment?
  • Should the Company enter into a fixed or variable rate loan?
  • What kind of benefits should the Company offer its employees?
  • How much operating cash does the Company need?
  • What formula should our personal service corporation use to compensate its principals?
  • How can I successfully transfer control of my business to the next generation?
  • What kind of computer hardware and software do I need for my business?
  • Should I install a computer network?
  • How can I manage the Company’s cash better?

In addition to answering questions such as these, we can help you prepare a business plan to obtain loans, as well as financial forecasts for loans and for making management decisions. We can also perform a review of your internal control systems to see if they are performing as expected. LG&H wants to assist you now and help prepare you for later.

From a wide array of business types and stages whether you are a looking to open a golf course or are an existing car dealership we want to help you excel. Let us provide the variety of services needed in your busy life. Whenever you need a trusted, independent view concerning a business problem, your first thought should be LG&H.

Key Benefits

  • Let our analysis help you make better management decisions
  • Financial forecasts
  • Help with business plans
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