Audits and Financial Reporting


Do you need financial statements prepared for your non-profit organization?  Let LG&H help guide you through the choices involved.  Perhaps you are applying for a grant or have a regulatory requirement and you want an audit, the highest level of assurance.  We can audit your organization’s financial statements to determine compliance with generally accepted accounting principles.  Or perhaps there is no clear requirement for an audit and you are wondering what level of assurance you do need.  We can discuss the requirements of federal and state agencies, other outside entities, such as creditors, and the desires of your Board and constituency in order to tailor your financial statement reporting to be the most efficient and cost effective to your Organization.  We will explain the other levels of assurance we can provide: Reviewed Financial Statements or Compiled Financial Statements.  Each of these is a lower level of assurance than an audit, but are less costly and may be all that is necessary considering your circumstances.  We will also explain the use of accounting methods other than generally accepted accounting principles, such as the cash basis, and if they are appropriate for your organization’s circumstances.  And do not worry if some of this terminology sounds foreign to you.  LG&H will be there each step of the way to explain things as plainly as possible and guide you through the financial statement reporting process from start to finish.

Key Benefits

  • Financial reporting that fits your needs
  • Thorough understanding of the options available
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