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People have been referring to us as LG&H for years, so we have decided to make it official. There has been no other change to our firm. LG&H has the same people and the same commitment to service and quality that has kept us in business since 1997.

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Why Use LG&H?

Here are just a few of the reasons why our clients stay with us forever

Timely Preparation

We provide client centered service focused on meeting your deadline requirements.


Our team works together on the accurate and timely preparation of the information you need.


Experience and up to date information enable the LG&H group to work with you in retirement planning, tax solutions, report preparation and decision making.


With a complement of 12 professionals and paraprofessionals, our firm has the versatility to provide our clients with a wide range of quality services.

Highest Level of Assurance

LG&H can provide a range of financial reporting to fit both your pocketbook and the requirements of lenders, bonding companies, boards of directors, or governmental agencies.

Improve Management Decisions

The professionals at LG&H can help you make better management decisions. We can help provide you with the information and analysis that you need to make the right decision.

Who We Serve

As a demonstration of our concern to provide the highest quality professional services, we have been a part of triennial peer reviews since our beginning by outside CPAs; these peer reviews have provided an independent verification of our adherence to professional standards.

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