Maine Home Modification Tax Credit

Effective December 11, 2016, the Maine State Housing Authority has issued a rule for a tax credit (up to $9,000) for expenses incurred for modifications made to a home to make it accessible to an individual with a disability who lives or will live in the home. This will be available for taxpayers whose federal adjusted gross income does not exceed $55,000. To qualify for the credit, the taxpayer must request certification from Maine Housing by March 1st of the year following the tax year in which the work expenditures were made.

Keep in mind that this rule sets forth the types of home modification expenditures that qualify for the credit, the building standards applicable to the modifications, and the process Maine Housing will use to determine that a taxpayer’s expenditures qualify for the credit.

Click on the link below to view Rule 33 from the Maine State Housing Authority that has a complete list of what qualifies, the standards, and the process for qualifying for the credit.

For contact information for Maine Housing:

Home Modification Tax Credit Rule

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